Welcome to Mt. Olivet Baptist Church!

We are glad you’ve chosen to find out more about us. Mt. Olivet stands on the word of God without apology. We teach the Bible as the final source of authority for what we believe and how we are to live. Through our lively and dynamic worship service, we strive to meet needs and build relationships with those that have chosen Mt. Olivet as a church family and place of worship. We are a multigenerational and multi-ethnic church. We have one senior pastor with a unified leadership team, one mission, common values and a commitment to the same core ministries.

Our desire is to lead as many people as possible to Jesus and help them grow in their relationship with Him. That’s our…

Mission: Turning people into fully committed followers of Jesus Christ.

At Mt. Olivet you will find people who strive to passionately pursue their spiritual growth and allow God to shape and mold them into the image of Jesus. As we grow together, we can impact our city, state, country and world.  We dream of strong, healthy families and communities that experience God’s love. That’s our …. 

Vision: Building strong families based on biblical principles to transform communities.


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