About Pastor Martin

Pastor James Martin is a native of Bluefield, West Virginia. During his earlier years there, he had several vocations. This included owning a men's clothing store, city police officer, high school teacher, adjunct college professor and pastor of two churches. He became the Senior Pastor of Mt. Olivet Baptist Church in November 1987.  Since that time, more than 2,700 have been won to Christ and baptized and the church is composed of different races, cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds.

Weekend worship services, along with Bible classes, leadership training, Encounters, Life Groups, and other events are held to reach and encourage unbelievers to become followers of Jesus Christ and to help build believers into fully committed followers of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Martin earned a BS in Business Administration and a BS in Criminal Justice Administration from Bluefield State College.  He also received a Master of Science degree in Vocational Technical from Marshall University, along with a Master of Divinity degree and a Ph.D. from Trinity Theological Seminary.

Pastor Martin has  evangelism and church leadership as an adjunct faculty member at both Western Seminary and Multnomah Bible College in Portland.  He travels to places around the United States and overseas teaching and ministering God's word and love to others.  His ministry has been involved in work in South Africa, Uganda, India, and Costa Rica.

Pastor Martin has dedicated his ministry to reach unbelievers with the gospel of Jesus Christ, to teach people how to become fully committed followers of Jesus Christ through discipleship, and to help people build healthy and healed families based on biblical values and principles.  He has strategically designed his ministry to reach people through modeling, sermons, seminars, classes, radio, and an extensive CD ministry.

Pastor Martin’s wife, Lynetta, serves with him on staff as Director of Women's Ministries, leader of the worship team, and a member of the counseling team. She often joins her husband to lead family classes, seminars, and conferences. The Martin's have three daughters, Tiffany, Tara and Ashley.


Pastor Martin's Ministries

God has given Pastor Martin some special gifts and callings that revolve around evangelism, discipleship, leadership, and building strong families. The following are some of the ministries in which he is involved:


Helps for Life Ministries

  1. Radio Broadcasts
    Sermons are broadcast daily on KPDQ 800 AM at 7:30 AM on KPDQ 93.9 FM at 1:15 PM Monday-Friday and each Sunday at 8:30 AM.  The broadcasts feature Pastor Martin's Bible-based, simple, practical, and relevant methods of teaching. The purpose is to help listeners grow in their faith and live it out in the daily routines of their lives.
  2. Financial Freedom Seminars
    The misuse of credit and the temptation to live above our means causes millions of people (including Christians) to become trapped in financial bondage. This often leads to unnecessary physical, emotional, and spiritual problems personally and within the home.  Using God's word and simple financial principles, which anyone can do, Pastor Martin instructs people about the signs, causes and destructive results of financial bondage and how to become good stewards of God’s resources, and set themselves upon a realistic path to financial freedom without gimmicks.
  3. Men’s Conferences
    These conferences instruct and encourage men on a journey to restore biblical manhood by assuming their God-given role as strong servant leaders in their home, church, and community with new vision and tenderness.  Men are also taught how to deal with male issues from the past, how to respect women, how to love and honor their wives, and how to be models for young boys.
  4. Leadership Training Seminars
    The lack of strong, Godly leaders, who lead with integrity, is one of the greatest contributors to moral failures and spiritual poverty in so many churches. It is also the greatest contributor to the decline of the Christian Church's influence in America. Too many churches are relying solely upon personal opinions, education and business practices in its methods of operation instead of being led by God’s word and the Holy Spirit.  This often leads to pride, struggles for power, and selfishness in leadership. In this seminar, Pastor Martin helps churches identify leaders and develop a ministry of biblical leadership composed of men and women with integrity and character who see themselves as servants rather than masters, owners, or the center of attention.
  5. Family & Couples Conferences
    As the family goes, so goes society.  Much of the ills in our society can be traced back to the doorsteps of America’s homes.  These seminars deal with getting the family back on target, to follow God’s original plan for the family, with each person carrying out the roles God has given within the family structure by proper communication and conflict resolution skills, respect, and commitment.
  6. Building Healthy Churches 
    The church of Christ is the hope of a sick and lost world.  Each local church must be committed to the Great Commission of winning souls and making disciples.  It requires that churches have the proper mission, vision, leadership team, and strategies for carrying out the Great Commission.  These seminars help pastors and leaders have a clear understanding of the church’s strength’s and growth areas along with a process for implementing change.  The leaders will be taught how to establish, evaluate and measure goals and make critical decisions that will ensure a continuation of a ministry that impacts the community and the world with the message of Christ.  This is not just about preaching or getting a crowd.  Rather, it is about being a healthy and relevant church in a confused and sick culture and taking advantage of some of the overlooked opportunities God has given that church, while eliminating wasted time, energy, and personnel.