We are here to create unique environments for our students to MOUNT ⬆️  and S.T.E.P. into Gods calling for their life.

-Matthew 14:27-29


We are here to see God’s Own students proclaiming His excellencies in the world.

-1 Peter 2:9

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We make...

Middle School is a special time when we hope that our students
create the habit of reading God’s Word on a daily basis so that they
can discover what the Holy Spirit is revealing to them about God’s character.

We encourage our middle schoolers to MOUNT UP with us on MOUNT
UP Thursdays and start STEPPING IN with us on STEP IN SUNDAYs.
Every Thursday on Zoom at 6pm we gather for our MOUNT UP THURSDAY’s!
Every Sunday at 2pm we gather for our STEP IN SUNDAY’S.

High school is a special time when we hope that our students begin to live out what the Bible says and what the Holy Spirit has revealed to them about God’s character. In other words, it’s time to STEP IN and make scenes that evangelize people (S.T.E.P.).

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