Types of Life Groups

Home Groups
These are Groups that meet in homes weekly for a time of fellowship, worship, prayer and the word.  These groups are effective in helping believers grow strong in their faith and provide a safe and welcoming environment for non-believers to come and check out God and His people.  There are currently over 160 home cells at Mt. Olivet with many more on the way.

Ministry Groups
Every ministry is a Life Group.  These Ministry groups spend time ministering to one another through prayer, praise and the word to better equip themselves to serve.  Most of these meetings happen prior to the ministry serving time.

Affinity Groups
Affinity means a natural liking for or attraction to a person, thing or idea.  Thus, an Affinity Group is one where those that are a part of that group all have the same heart and passion for a particular area of life or have a similar struggle and now victory in common.  The possibilities here are endless and has opened a very wide door to bring many new people in the kingdom.  Some recent examples of these are the Couples, the LIFE Drug and Alcohol Freedom, Business men, Prayer and workplace groups.

Target Groups
These are Groups that are centered on a topical issue and that have a definite start and end date.  These groups would most often take the form of a class discussion that would have a small group discussion component to them.  Several of these groups are currently being developed.

If you are interested in joining a Life Group email: cell.ministry@mtolivet.com